Don’t let your guard down!

don't let your guard down

Don’t let your guard down!

Don’t let your guard down!  There is always a battle around us. Sometimes they are fun staged games of Kill the King or Capture the flag.  Other times, its a well-orchestrated game of wits and schemes in an assassins tournament.  Unfortunately, life’s battles also include killing germs.  That’s why I use Lysol spray and Clorox wipes with the same enthusiasm that I sell stab-only daggers and dag/bel boot knives.

Okay, so I know that this sounds ridiculous!  But seriously… I had a full week of work planned for our small business crew of FIVE people.  But then all of a sudden a silent killer came and destroyed all productivity.  Today is full of fear and silence.  The swords are naked.  The orders unshipped.

Gorg and I wear many hats but Picnik, Kida, and Spanky help get everything done.  Since they’re all out sick this week I put down my normal work and picked up my weapons against germs.  I’ve sprayed, wiped, and aired out as many spaces as possible.  The kiddos and I are eating oranges and drinking water like it’s a competition.  Hopefully, our family will stand strong against the monster we call the FLU and keep this ship running.

Yes, we will still keep working.  We’ll just have to help do each other’s jobs.  While they’re out sick the 2 of us will do the work that 5 usually do.  Be patient with us.  We are a small business.  And protect yourself too!  In the games of larp sports, carry a sidearm with a handy pikclip for quick release.  In the game of life, wash your hands and wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

Don’t let your guard down!

Lady Gorg


ps… did you know we now make a Belegarth legal boot knife? Check it out!!!