Share the Love Winner 2019

Share the Love Winner Kalika

Share the Love Winner 2019

The Winner is Kalika Karika! “The Most Loved 2019” with 300 votes!

“I never thought this nomination would take off the way it did! It did a world of good to hear the efforts I have tried to make in the game have affected so many people. I’m grateful for everyone that has continued to support me through the different stages in my foam fighting; you cats have given me a place where I feel comfortable. That space has been invaluable for both my personal growth and trying to futher the game. That’s it. I’m gonna go back to being cranky and sarcastic now.” Kalika’s Response to Winning!!!

“She is a force to be reckoned with both on the field and behind the scenes. On the field, she is a thorn in many a fighter’s sides or rather I should say face with her bow. She can be found behind the lines taking out threats to her team. The clip from this past Winter War’s tourneys showcases how she isn’t afraid to get in close when the need arises. Off the field, she can be found organizing many a great event. She is a leader in the social rights scene having pushed Eryndor’s ban/harassment policy. Kalika also ensures fighter safety by heading arrow check. Nightlife is also enhanced by her aerial routine.” nominated by Brubaker

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Honorable Mention goes to Joel Matthew Hardcastle with 168 votes!

“The true goblin king, the originator of the aesthetic all of us goblins strive for. He’s been my overseer for 12 years and I’d follow him into any fight. A force on the field, a friend off the field, and one of the most prolific recruiters of talent in the game. The leader of the militia’s division Nartum Kaal, and maker of all those goblin masks you’ve seen.” nominated by Brandon Waad Glickman

You shared so much love that we are moved to share more prizes! Second place is so highly respected. He deserves $50 gorg bucks for the love he shows to the sport and the love the community has for him! Thanks, Droog

With Love, from All of Us at Gorg the Blacksmith