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Is there a problem with your order?  Please provide the order or tracking number if possible.  


Payment in full is due before building custom items.
Order cancelation must be requested within 24 hours.
Once the item is built/shipped it cannot be canceled.
Refunds are rare and are handled on a case by case basis.


*Please let us know If you need your gear by a specific date or event and we’ll gladly do our best to make it happen. Rush fees of $5-15 may be required.

*We ship UPS, USPS, and FEDEX according to what is most economical for the customer.

*A single order may be shipped in 2-3 packages. Check your email/spam folder for tracking info.



  • Avoid leaving anything in your car or in the elements for unnecessary or excessive periods of time.
  • Always dry off your covers if used in the rain.
  • Store your weapons flat or pommel down to preserve the integrity of the stab tips and prevent the foam from warping.
  • Never “break-in” a weapon on a pole or tree as your not breaking it in, your wearing it out

Before our weapons are available for sale, they are personally tried and tested by GORG for durability and longevity. These items SHOULD pass universally everywhere for Dagorhir.


Each of our hand-made product’s are marked with our signature Stars ***

*All of our gear is initially covered with standard black or gray covers to be available for quick sales online and at events.

*Orders with UPGRADE COLORS are slightly more expensive and take longer to process because we actually sew a custom cover to fit your request.

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