Frequently Asked Questions

Finally an FAQ just for YOU!

These frequently asked questions explain rush and custom orders. If you’re still stuck, email Curious about stock and shipping times? First, order. Then, email. Ordering first saves tons of time and gets your order moving through our system!

Order Updates

For changes to your order or shipping address:
Include your order number in the subject line.

Rush Shipments

Purchase this $5 RUSH LISTING to flag your order and notate the deliver by date.

Custom Printed Fabric

This isn’t screen printing. It’s not painted. We no longer embroider or applique. It’s fabric printed just for you! This method is more detailed and durable!!! Submit Custom Printed Fabric Requests online. Also, expect a design confirmation email from within a few weeks 😀

Printed Shield Covers
Printed Sword Covers
Printed Arrowheads

Custom Build Designs

Custom builds take 4-6 weeks. Also, they cost more than standard designs. Expect to pay the at least $20 more than the closest standard design.  Custom Design listings are just deposits of $50.  After approval, additional payment will be due. Full payment is due before construction can begin.  If your design request is denied, expect a full refund!

Custom Sword Requests
Custom Shield Requests


If necessary, text Lady Gorg’s cell phone 904-434-3085! Include your name and order number. If you need a callback, include the best time of day. THANKS!