A Hard fight!

A hard fight

A Hard Fight: 2 Squires vs. 3 Baby Dragons “A hard fight,” that’s all I heard for hours! The volunteer human walls mumbled, “This is a really hard fight!” Even Sir Tyriel remarked that this practice Squires’ Trial would be more challenging than the official Knights’ Trials at Ragnarok this June. When it was all […]


tussles photography

Tussles Partnership with Gorg The Blacksmith We’re happy to announce that Gorg the Blacksmith is partnering with Tussles to make foam-fighting be and look better. Since we starting making weapons, our focus is always STRENGTH, HANDLING, and AESTHETICS. Tussles puts the A in Aesthetics! You can buy/make great garb. We sell the safest hitting, best […]

Share the Love Winner 2019

Share the Love Winner Kalika

Share the Love Winner 2019 The Winner is Kalika Karika! “The Most Loved 2019” with 300 votes! “I never thought this nomination would take off the way it did! It did a world of good to hear the efforts I have tried to make in the game have affected so many people. I’m grateful for […]

Share the Love! – $100 Giveaway!

Share the Love $100 Giveaway

Share the Love! Share the Love! $100 Giveaway! Nominate a fighter you Love for a chance to win $100 gorg-bucks. The person with the most likes/loves on the Original Facebook Post wins¬†$100 gorgtech gift card! Nominate your favorite fighter by commenting with a picture of the fighter and why they’re awesome.¬† Nominations can be based […]

Don’t let your guard down!

don't let your guard down

Don’t let your guard down! Don’t let your guard down!¬† There is always a battle around us. Sometimes they are fun staged games of Kill the King or Capture the flag.¬† Other times, its a well-orchestrated game of wits and schemes in an assassins¬†tournament.¬† Unfortunately, life’s battles also include killing germs.¬† That’s why I use […]

Frostbane 2019 – A Recap by Lady Gorg

frostbane 2019

Frostbane 2019 The Event In General Frostbane 2019 was an FFA event (Florida Foam Fighter’s Association).¬† It is run 100% by volunteers.¬† We help with some of the upfront leg work but foam-fighters like you make everything good happen!¬† Sir Teknowe planned some fun new games.¬† Squire Trevor (I’m sure he has a tougher fighting […]

Modular Arrowhead Attachment Tutorial

Modular Arrowhead Attachment Tutorial

Modular Arrowhead Attachment Tutorial How to attach a modular foam LARP¬†arrowhead to an arrow shaft for ¬†Dagorhir Battle Games and boffer sports Materials Required: UN-TIPPED arrow shaft. (Gorg recommends a 31‚ÄĚ carbon fiber shaft) GorgTech Modular Arrowhead Duct Tape or Strapping Tape Hockey Tape Ruler or measuring tape Sharp cutting tool (scissors or knife) Steps […]

12 Days of Gorgtech

12 Days of Gorgtech. 24-hour sales on gorgtech favorite foam-fighting sports equipment. Reduced prices with free color upgrades. Happy Holidays! So excited about Christmas and the Holidays this Year!!! When we shop for something special we want to save money and get something special.¬† That’s why we designed the 12 days of Gorgtech.¬† Get something […]