Let’s Help Little Lola!

let's help little lola

Let’s Help Little Lola!

Life is Hard. That’s what makes LARPing so fun. It’s an escape from the stress and madness of mundane life. Sometimes, our worlds collide and we find that Foam-Fighting isn’t just a sport but a kind of a Family too!

Okay, so long story short in a, he said, she said, my sister’s uncle kinda way…. here’s what’s going on. Kalika won the SHARE THE LOVE campaign. She said she wouldn’t have won without the support and hype ZED offered. But now Zed’s baby niece is only 4 months old and REALLY REALLY sick and times are hard, doctors are expensive, and the darn cars don’t always work and gas prices are definitely on the rise. And little Lola’s got Lukemia so we’re giving away free stuff so you’ll buy raffle tickets and help Zed’s Family out.

custom printed foam fighting larp weapons for raffle to help little lola


When Kalika redeemed her winnings she wanted to donate the WHOLE $100 to the raffle. WOW! She said, “I wanted to keep sharing the love!” Hold the phone! That’s some serious LOVE.

I know we all have it rough at times but nothing is sweeter than cute puppy dogs and nothing is sadder than sick babies.

So to make it fun for you to throw down that dough to help a foam brother out, Gorg the Blacksmith donated some SUPER SWANKY NEW NEW NEW custom printed Larp Weapons. These things are HOT FIRE dynamite and you can win them for only $5 or $20. Hot diggity dog! I sell them for about $100 and you can win them for just a teeny tiny fraction of that!!!


custom printed sword BLADE

Kalika used her Share The Love Winnings to buy a secret sword for the Raffle. Thanks to our incredible crew and our secret weapon artist, we were able to upgrade the secret sword with a super swanky custom printer fabric cover that looks like a real SWORD. It takes foam larp sports equipment to another level!

woodgrain with metal boss custom printed shield cover

I (Lady G) felt inspired by her generosity to throw in an 18″ Punch shield with a #notplastidipped woodgrain cover with a silver boss in the middle. I LOVE it and I think it’s great for good fighters and perfect for family fun. It’s the kinda cool shield I want my kids to play with so it seemed perfect for this family-friendly fundraiser.

fire half bat

Then Gorg walks by and literally threw ANOTHER item into our pile! Kalika was like.. “Is that okay Boss Lady!?!?” Gorg replied blushingly, “Yeah… I just like giving stuff away!” <3 He was going to donate a SECRET BAT but apparently a nice man already bought one for the raffle. So, we snagged up a limited edition FIRE printed HALFBAT. I think its AMAZING because it reminds me of a Minecraft torch!!! It’s so cool! #hotfire


Raffle tickets are $5 each or 6 for $20. If you cannot make the event but want to be in the raffle DM Kalika Karika and you can work out paying for tickets via PayPal, They will have tickets online available until 11:59 pm April 5, 2019. Tickets can be purchased in person up till the drawing right before the final battle! If you aren’t interested in the raffle please feel free to share or donate at https://www.gofundme.com/help-with-bills-food-and-exspenses

They will be constantly updating this with information about the prizes and the vendors. If you are willing to donate please DM Kalika Karika on facebook! #LolaStrong

From our Family to Yours <3

larp weapons with printed fabric covers