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Tussles Partnership with Gorg The Blacksmith

We’re happy to announce that Gorg the Blacksmith is partnering with Tussles to make foam-fighting be and look better. Since we starting making weapons, our focus is always STRENGTH, HANDLING, and AESTHETICS. Tussles puts the A in Aesthetics! You can buy/make great garb. We sell the safest hitting, best looking, boffer weapons. And Tussles makes us all look better than we deserve!!!

Coop Lee, CEO of Tussles, built his YouTube channel filming the fighting he loves. His incredible editing skills make chaotic field battles seem simple and exciting. We are grateful for the time and effort he puts into sharing foam sword-fighting with the world.

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A word from Coop Lee of Tussles

I watch all kinds of sword-sports videos from foam to steel and wish there was more video content out there of a professional, high-quality nature, especially of foam-fighting. I personally strive to shoot and edit the most fun and intense videos I can, to entertain the current sword-fighting community as well as the uninitiated public. But I am nowhere near where I want to be in terms of technical proficiency and what I hope to achieve in producing top-notch tussle videos. Until then, I’ll just keep grinding.”

Tussles Tournament at BFTR 2019

At Battle for the Ring 2019, Tussles hosted a 10v10 tournament with $250 gorgbucks for the winning team. The pretty edited video by Tussles isn’t finished yet, but you can watch our recorded live footage here.

Big Teams. Bigger Brackets. Best Volunteers…

“Without y’all [volunteers] none of it would have been possible. I cherish the privilege to capture and showcase these individuals and teams going head to head and giving all they got in the name of sportsmanship, honor, glory, and good times…

“To the Gorgtech Gang, Thank you for your epic level support, generosity, and vision of what could be in this sport. I too see the legends you hope to uphold, the quality you strive to share, and the greatness you live to pass on to this massive, yet disparate, world of foam-fighters. See y’all soon, Ragnarok XXXIX is just around the corner!”

Coop Lee sharing his gratitude on Facebook
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Favorite Tussles Videos

Here are a few links to some of Coop’s favorite recent videos…
Ragnarok 33 2018
Battle for the Ring X 2018

Coop’s Favorite Videos to Watch

Links to some sword-sports channels Coop enjoys (mostly steel fighting)…
Parfentev Igor
Battle of the Nations
WMFC knights